Challenges of Contemporary Interior Design: Physical Space v. Digital Space

Technology has created some interesting challenges; it has changed how we connect with people and how we work. It has also changed how we understand physical space and how we approach contemporary interior design with that new understanding.

As everything becomes digital, we find a new abundance of physical space– what used to be an entire office becomes a laptop, what used to be an entire library becomes a kindle. And two new questions arise:  “What do we do with all that stuff?” and “What do we do with all that space?”


The beauty of it is we now have the opportunity to keep only what we love. The physical objects we keep become more meaningful when we relegate less important things to the digital realm and out of sight.

What can you digitize in your own home? Think about what brings you pleasure to look at and what brings you stress. Can you scan and store that stack of papers and old receipts in your computer instead of on your desk? You’ll be surprised at how much mental space a little clearing out can bring.

Contemporary interior design is as much about what we take out as what we add. It becomes about prioritizing what we see and what we don’t see. What remains in plain view then becomes a much bolder statement: it is there by choice and not by necessity.


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