Patterns in Islamic Art and Personal Relationships


In Islamic art, the repetition of basic geometric shapes serves to concretely symbolize the infinite. These patterns allow a semblance of order, offering the possibility of infinite growth and a wonderful sense of freedom within the constraints of mathematics and geometry. We can imagine the pattern continuing forever; organically shifting, evolving, transforming yet still adhering to the laws of its creation. These patterns are intentional, created with purpose and foresight.

We weave our lives in the form of patterns– our habits. But do we create our habits with intention, purpose and foresight, or do we fall into repetitive patterns without even noticing? I often wonder at how quickly I establish patterns in my relationships. Too often it is as easy to fall into a pattern of cynicism and criticism as it is of support and respect. How often do we find ourselves having the same argument using different words with someone over and over with no resolution? How often do we decide to change, and months later find ourselves in the same repetitive pattern?


Source: Granada Tile 

If we can bring the deliberate, conscious repetition of geometric patterns into design of our homes in the form of a tile entrance hall floor or bathroom wall, perhaps we can harness that energy of intentional order, embrace that possibility of infinite growth and evolution and bring that to our daily habits, to our intimate relationships… And to our our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions which eventually translate as behavior.


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