Living Well at Home

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Living Well at Home: Design Offers Style and Elegance

Family room before

These walls used to be stark white during the day and gloomy in the evening; the lighting hazy and unfocused.

Our clients Donna and Jeff, wished for a warm, inviting comfortable, and elegant family room.

This room is next to the kitchen and dining space they use on a daily basis. It is where they unwind and reconnect with each other every evening after a busy day.

Family room after

We tiled the fireplace with a California gold mosaic slate in a simple geometric pattern to bring in natural color and texture. We accentuated the central ceiling pane with gray paint to pull the viewer’s gaze and lead it in a flowing arc down to the fireplace. We warmed up the walls with an ivory tint.

We decided on sleek, sheer window panels to allow natural light to filter in, which our client could control by the blinds located behind the panels. We designed and custom made an oversized cocktail table for the center of the room and two side tables to fit on each side of the fireplace.

But not everything is new in this room; we reupholstered and reused the sofa, chair and ottomans; pulling the inspiration for upholstery colors from the existing rug. To improve the lighting, we strategically placed five state-of-the-art ‘Iris square’ lights in a practical pattern on the gray ceiling panel, connecting the geometric elements of the fireplace to the ceiling. We placed an additional four fixtures on the sloped sides of the ceiling to highlight the furniture and accentuate the artwork.
Family room after

Now, when sitting in the finished room, enveloped in the natural tones and simplicity of an intentionally designed atmosphere, one finds it’s hard to leave!
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