• Kitchen Renovation Testimonial

Five minutes into our initial consultation with Larisa my wife and I exchanged a quick glance and we knew after over a year of planning and searching we had found the right person to design our new kitchen. It was our first major remodel project and Larisa proved to be a detailed and wonderfully creative guide who listened to our desires, focused our thoughts, created a beautiful design, and stayed with us every step of the way.At first we thought it was a stretch financially for us to hire a designer for our project. On our own we had designed a layout, created a scale drawing, and had even discussed the project with contractors. Fortunately we met Larisa and did not pursue those original plans. With the new design I believe we got a lot more value for our money and we will be living in space that we will enjoy far more than our original plans.Larisa fundamentally believes that great design begins with an understanding of those who will inhabit the space. Our style survey not only helped Larisa to understand our aesthetic, it helped us to understand more specifically the colors, textures, and spatial elements of a living space that we were drawn to. She guided us through the myriad pitfalls of designing and building, answered many vital questions we didn’t even know needed to be asked, and provided us with a sense of calm order as we proceeded. In choosing finishes she was indispensible. When it was time to get bids from contractors we had detailed drawings of the project that all bid from making it easy to compare the bids. We are currently in the building phase of the project. All is going smoothly. Choosing to work with Larisa McShane and Associates was the single most important decision we made for our remodel.

Michael and Emma Kelly
Havertown, PA

I have worked with Larisa for the past four years, and would not consider working with anyone else. When I bought my home in 2010, it was a blank slate – white walls, builder grade everything, nondescript floors, non-existent lighting (except for the horrific chandeliers in the dining room and foyer). Since then, my entire first floor has been transformed into a beautiful and unique setting that is a perfect reflection of my personality. I had never worked with a designer, and no idea what to expect when I first met Larisa. During our first meeting, Larisa conducted a comprehensive “style survey” aimed at discovering my individual aesthetic preferences. Larisa also sought to understand my goals for the space, and how I wanted to live in the space with my children. So that she could learn about my personality, Larisa also learned about my background, where I have traveled, my interests in the arts, entertainment and leisure. From this survey, Larisa built my individual style profile. Then we got to work. For each room on my first floor, Larisa developed a detailed floor plan and a detailed lighting plan designed around that floor plan. Based on my style profile, she also built an inventory of fabrics, surface materials, finishes, furniture options, and lighting options that we would return to again and again when making final selections. The finished space is stunning and exactly what I wanted. I could not be happier. And, I absolutely could not have done it without Larisa’ expertise, knowledge, creativity and endless patience. Thank you, Larisa!

Jeanne Bakker
Glenn Mills, PA

Dear Larisa, congratulations on your award. In April, we moved to a smaller townhouse in Berwyn and so I just used the colors and ideas we did on Beaumont Rd. here. When the house in Devon went on the market, we sold it that afternoon after a realtor’s open house and I wish you could have heard the compliments for how it looked. You would have been pleased. Good luck in your future activities.

Judy and Parker Blatchford
Berwyn, PA

   We are the proud owners of a historic home in a small town outside of Zurich, Switzerland. With the recent additions of our two sons, aged 4 and 6, we realized that the home we love so much wasn’t well suited to our growing family. We needed to expand our children’s bedrooms, kitchen, living and dining area and add more natural light to the whole house — at the same time, it was important for us to preserve the main architectural characteristics of the historic house. We originally hired and architect to design the project, but throughout the design process, felt that our ideas were not being addressed and in the end found that the new designs lost the charm of the original house.
We began to work with Larisa, and she helped us to plan the renovation of our home from the “inside out” —beginning with the functionality of how we use each of the rooms, and our family’s needs and then working outwards to plan the exterior look of the house.
Larisa was able to help us to plan more harmonious spaces, to place new large windows that still were in line with the architectural style of the house, and redesign shape of the roof. After planning the first and second floors of the house, Larisa helped us place furniture in the rooms and designed lighting layouts. We very much appreciate Larisa’s creative ideas and dedication to finding perfect solutions for our challenging project. She was able to walk us through the challenges that we could not resolve ourselves and work with us to create a new home that we adore and suits our family so well.

Helen Fisher
Zurich, Switzerland

  Hello Larisa, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you yesterday, and I thank you for encouraging me to trust my instincts and have more confidence.  I appreciate your approach of helping the client find what they like rather than what you like. It was really helpful to hear your perspective on everything from paint color to lighting to cabinet pulls in the kitchen – as well as the furniture arrangement in our family room. I hope to move the family room sofa this weekend, and then will work toward finishing that room too. We certainly covered a lot during our brief meeting! Best wishes for continued success. I’ve already passed your contact information to my manager. She was very interested when I told her about our meeting. I’m fortunate that my daughter gave me the gift of our consultation.  Thanks again. Best, Theresa

Theresa Lawson
Media, PA

Larisa, I love the furniture! Soft… velvety fabric. Comfortable. Love the modular versatility. Thanks again. Your eye for color coordination is always right on target… sophisticated and elegant… even in a family room.

Amy Sacchi
West Chester, PA

Larisa, I just wanted to let you know that we (finally!) painted the kitchen the beautiful milk chocolate color that you helped us pick out. What a wonderful color! My husband and I are very happy with it and we never would have chosen that color on our own. Thank you very much.

Meena Soleiman
King of Prussia, PA

I had a very positive experience with Larisa McShane and Associates, and we accomplished our goal of designing a comfortable and elegant family room. I had tried on my own many times, and had so many paint samples and fabrics around, but I had no idea what to do. That’s why I hired Larisa; I was very happy to have her input. The important thing for me when we started was lighting, and that’s great! Even my son-in-law the architect is impressed. The people Larisa works with are a huge asset- like Kevin who made the furniture and Barbara who did the drapes. They were all really knowledgeable and great to work with. I love my room now. There’s light, we can finally see in there; it’s delightful!

Donna White
Radnor, PA

Larisa, thank you for re-invigorating my bedroom. It certainly looks gorgeous. You do have a great eye, design talent and a wonderful insistence for quality in every detail. You are such a pleasure to work with!

Leslie Boris
Haverford, PA

As Director of the Cushing Center for Counseling and Academic Support at Eastern University, I was involved with our renovation project from start to finish. Thanks to a generous donation from a former student who wanted to improve areas of our center used most by students with learning disabilities, we undertook a project to renovate our Tutoring/Writing Center, special testing rooms, and reception area. Our space was functional, but greatly needed a facelift. We initially thought we would only be able to make some cosmetic improvements, but Larisa helped us accomplish much more. She really sought our input about how we use our space and what we wished we could have. As we have to do a lot in a very small space, incorporating everything was a challenge! Larisa was patient as we deliberated over choices. She gave us direction, but let us make the final decisions. We believe that our fresh and updated look is going to be welcoming and inviting to students. We also have maximized our work space so more students can be served at one time for tutoring and special testing. Our reception area has been expanded, and more confidential spaces have been created. Reaction from the first students to see the center this summer has been very positive.

Lisa M. Hemlick, Ph.D.
Director, Cushing Center for Counseling and Academic Support
Eastern University, St. Davids, PA 19087

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